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So you’re in the media? 5 ways to leverage your PR coverage

Firstly, congratulations – getting your story out there isn’t easy. Whether you’ve featured in a niche blog targeting your customers or the Sydney Morning Herald, there are a few things you can do to make the most of that media coverage.

  1. Share it on Facebook and Instagram tagging the publication that featured you. Not only will your audience (who are clearly already your fans) love to see it, but the publication will also see and appreciate you sharing it and may also have posted it on their channels.
  2. Send the journalist who wrote it a note saying thank-you for the great write-up and that you really appreciate it. If you’re a product business, you can even consider sending them some samples (if you haven’t already) to say thanks. The journalist will be far more likely to remember you and keep you in mind for future stories.
  3. Summarise the points of your news story or comment on it and share it on LinkedIn.
  4. Put the publication’s logo on your website under a “we’ve featured in” section to build credibility and trust with potential customers on your site.
  5. Use the news coverage as an opportunity to reach out to your customers in a newsletter sharing the win.

Remember to celebrate with your team too!